The graduating class of 2024 shares creative works across 15 interdisciplinary degree programs at DAAPworks

Experience the synergistic intersection of DAAP's diverse disciplines – now through April 27

In a celebration of innovation and artistic prowess, the University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning (DAAP) presents DAAPworks '24, an annual exhibition featuring the creativite works of its graduating class. This year's event marks the culmination of years of dedication and exploration across 15 interdisciplinary degree programs, highlighting the diverse talents and collaborative harmony of the DAAP community.

Jimmy Tran, Industrial Design senior smiling with his award winning capstone project.

Jimmy Tran, Industrial Design senior smiling with his Directors' Choice and 1819 Innovation award winning DAAPworks capstone project, "AIVO Care Cruiser". Photo by HATSUE.

One of the defining features of DAAPworks is the interdisciplinary nature of the projects on display. Students from various backgrounds collaborate across disciplines, pushing traditional boundaries and exploring new possibilities. This collaborative approach not only fosters innovation but also reflects the interconnected nature of today's creative landscape.

Among the highlights of this year's exhibition are projects that address Dean of DAAP, Tim Jachna's, Strategic FuturesFollowing President Neville Pinto's “Next Lives Here” strategic vision, and the “Research 2030 UC's 10-Year Strategic Plan For Research”, DAAP's Strategic Futures is built around five research capacity areas:

Health and Wellbeing

Urban Systems

Sustainable Living

Digital Culture

Creative Entrepreneurship

Under the leadership of Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Programs, Claudia Rebola, noteworthy instances of transdisciplinary research and creative work, reshaping our approach to how we live, interact, and enhance our capabilities with others and our built environment happen at DAAP each day. As a result, our senior capstone work naturally tends to fall into one or multiple of the above Strategic Futures capacities. Our students are address pressing social and environmental issues, demonstrating a commitment to create meaningful change through their work. From sustainable industrial designs to interactive installations promoting social justice, the projects on display showcase the power of design and art to drive positive impact in the world.

Sarah Durbula, Industrial Design senior smiling with her award winning capstone project.

Sarah Durbula, Industrial Design senior smiling with her Directors' Choice and 1819 Innovation award winning DAAPworks capstone project, "spaceparts" that address Sustainable Living. Photo by HATSUE.

DAAPworks serves as a platform for emerging artists, designers, architects, and planners to showcase their visionary projects and concepts, spanning a wide range of disciplines from painting to graphic design to sustainable landscaping, and more. From cutting-edge designs to thought-provoking artworks, the exhibition offers a glimpse into the future of creativity and innovation.

The graduating class of 2024 invites audiences to explore the boundless possibilities of creativity and visit the physical exhibit now through April 27th until 2:00 PM. If you cannot visit us in-person, DAAPworks '24 also features a virtual showcase, allowing audiences from around the world to engage with the work of the graduating class. This digital component further emphasizes DAAP's commitment to accessibility and inclusivity, ensuring that the talents of its students reach a global audience.

Featured photo at top, DAAP Gallery at the DAAPwork's Opening Reception // HATSUE.

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