LOCAL 12: Ohio prime target for cyber attacks say UC experts

UC cybersecurity expert Richard Harknett researching ways to defend election process in digital age

In a Local 12 interview, Richard Harknett, head of political science at UC and co-director of the Ohio Cyber Range Institute (OCRI), points to Ohio as a prime target for election interference by cyber-attackers.

 "Some adversary would look at that and say that's the bullseye. If I can mess around with Ohio, I can mess around with the entire election," Harknett states.

The interview was born out of a UC article in which Harknett and fellow cybersecurity expert Greg Winger, an assistant professor in the department, discuss potential cyberattacks to  November elections and ways in which UC’s Center for Cyber Strategy and Policy is working to defend against these attacks.

Harknett says reserachers at the center hope to present some defense strategies to the Ohio Board of Elections in August.

>Watch the Local 12 interview

>Read more about Harknett and the Center for Cyber Strategy and Policy

Featured image of Harknett presenting at the opening of the Ohio Cyber Range Institute on March 3, 2020. Photo Colleen Kelly/UC Creative + Brand 

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