SHAPE: The best fragrance-free shampoo for sensitive scalps

UC's cosmetics science experts describe what fragrance free means to consumers


In a SHAPE Magazine article, cosmetic science experts at the University of Cincinnati's James L. Winkle College of Pharmacy provide insight into what the term “fragrance free” means in the personal care industry and to consumers.   

People with sensitive skin, known fragrance allergies, or a poor skin barrier would benefit from fragrance-free shampoo formulations, say cosmetic scientists KP Ananth, professor and director of the cosmetics science program and Trang Vu, a cosmetic sciences researcher and Ph.D. candidate at the college. 

UC’s cosmetic science degree program is the oldest and largest in the country and was the first to offer a doctorate in cosmetic science.

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Featured Image: Vu Trang in her labratory at UC. Photo provided/Trang

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