MSN: Working at a Laptop all day? How to combat the aches and pains

UC ergonomics expert offers easy, cheap tips to improve work environment

Kermit Davis, PhD, expert in office ergonomics, conducted an ergonomic assessment of employees at the University of Cincinnati sending out an email survey to 4,500 faculty and staff after the coronavirus pandemic prompted the university to join many other employers across the nation in sending workers home to continue operations.

The survey had 843 people complete it. As part of the study, 41 employees sent Davis photos of workers at home workstations for ergonomic review. This subset showed some trends and offered a glimpse into what many who work from home are encountering. The survey’s findings were recently published in the scholarly journal Ergonomics in Design.

UC featured Dr. Davis' work online

Several media outlets reported on suggestions Davis, a professor in the UC Department of Environmental Health and Public Sciences, offered to improve work stations at home that were easy and inexpensive.


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