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UC's Online Nursing Programs Ranked Among Best

January 9, 2014

The University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Nursing came in at No. 37 out of 95 nursing schools ranked by U.S.News & World Report in its 2014 Best Online Programs listing. The rankings—pulled from nearly 1,000 distance education programs surveyed—reflect scores from peer-to-peer evaluation, one-year retention rates, graduate rates and required time to graduate.


UC Health Women's Center Opens in West Chester

May 22, 2013

The UC Health Women's Center which celebrated its opening last week with a ribbon cutting, private event and community open house with more than 300 attendees introduces a team-based, comprehensive health care experience under the leadership of Lisa Larkin.


Beyond Macronutrients: UC Researchers Suggest Alternative Diet Design

February 21, 2013

The search for the perfect diet one that promotes weight loss and optimal health has left many people empty-handed. An article written by UC researchers and appearing in this week's edition of Science suggests that a broad focus on the negative effects of high-fat or processed carbohydrate-rich diets could be misplaced.


System in Brain Target of Class of Diabetes Drugs Linked to Weight Gain

May 1, 2011

University of Cincinnati researchers have determined why a certain class of diabetes drugs leads to weight gain and have found that the molecular system involved (PPAR-gamma found in the brain) is also triggered by consumption of high-fat foods. The study could lead to the modification of existing diabetes therapies and even dietary recommendations to limit the action of this nuclear receptor in the brain.


Fatty Foods Not Empty Stomach Fire Up Hunger Hormone

June 5, 2009

New research led by the University of Cincinnati suggests that the hunger hormone ghrelin is activated by fats from the foods we eat not those made in the body in order to optimize nutrient metabolism and promote the storage of body fat.