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UC students explore career paths through NeuroSociety Club

May 7, 2021

By: Joí Dean As a freshman, Victoria Popritkin, the current president of NeuroSociety , a third-year neuroscience and vocal performance major, was in search of an organization that would complement both of her future career choices. Right away Popritkin felt that the student organization NeuroSociety, was a place for people with a variety of different career paths and not a road that would only lead to medical school. According to CampusLink, NeuroSociety, is a group of undergraduate students looking to learn more about the brain and the career fields associated with neuroscience through speakers, movies and hands-on activities.

UC’s summer semester offers students short sessions, flexibility

April 12, 2021

Coming into the summertime of 2020, Sumedha Kappagantula was considering ways to make the most her opportunities during what is usually a break from the academic rigor of her traditional school year. As a Biomedical Engineering major in the UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Kappagantula is minoring in Chemistry and Biological Sciences, taking classes through the College of Arts and Sciences. She thought summer semester would be a great time to get ahead in her coursework, and move her degree forward.

UC student organization seeks to combat climate change

April 1, 2021

By Rebecca Schweitzer [COPY] A new student environmental club has formed during the last year of isolation. Restore Our Mother Earth (R.O.M.E.) was founded during 2020 by students hoping to create a new kind of environmental advocacy group, one focused on legislation. Megan Porter, a fourth-year pre-law student, and Alec Mack, a third-year neurobiology student saw the confinement of the past year as an opportunity to build a new community for students. The idea for the club sprouted following the politicized events of the summer such as Black Lives Matter. The organization, advised by biology professor Dr. Brian Kinkle, approaches environmental issues in a unique fashion, a legal standpoint.

UC students find creative outlet in Black Arts Collaborative

March 30, 2021

By Joí Dean Black Arts Collaborative, (BAC) is a platform for the expression of Black art. The student organization focuses on the adversities and experiences of the Black community, but is open to students of all ethnicities. In the past, BAC has held a numerous number of events at various functions on campus such as Akwaaba (Black Student Welcome), Tyehimba graduation and even halftime shows at football games. There are five main branches of departments within BAC: drama, dance, poetry, visual arts and technology. In order to participate in one of the departments students will send in an audition video that pertains to their area of interest to the organization’s email account addressing which branch of the department they prefer. Students are able to audition for more than one section and are able to be a part of as many departments they are approved of. “BAC is one of the most prestigious organizations on campus as far as the African American community within the [African American Culture Resource Center], AACRC, said DJ Benson, a fifth-year majoring in biology and health education.

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