2022-2023 Cohort

Housing and Meal Plan Rates

The room and board rate structure aligns with the university's Tuition Guarantee programs. New first–year students are assigned to a cohort based on the semester for which the student first enrolls as a degree–seeking student.

Rates for 2022-23 Cohort approved by the Board of Trustees on February 22, 2022

Room Rates

Traditional Room

Calhoun, Dabney, Daniels, Siddall*
Room Type  Per Semester
Per Academic Year
Multiple Occupancy $3,821 $7,642
Single Occupancy $4,409

*Siddall scheduled to reopen fall 2024.

Junior Suite

Marian Spencer, Stratford Heights
Room Type  Per Semester
Per Academic Year
Multiple Occupancy $4,462 $8,924
Single Occupancy $4,828

The incentive rate for CP Cincy was only for 2022-2023 academic year.


CRC, Schneider, Turner
Room Type  Per Semester Per Academic Year
Double Occupancy $4,751 $9,502
Single Occupancy $5,038


101 Corry, Bellevue Gardens, Morgens, Scioto, USquare, UPA, CP Cincy, The Deacon, The Eden, University Edge
Room Type  Per Semester* Per Academic Year
Double Occupancy $5,015
Single Occupancy    $5,317 $10,634

*12-month contracts begin with summer semester 2022 and extend through spring semester 2023. All apartments are considered 12-month contract locations. See Terms and Conditions for more information regarding 12-month contracts.

All academic break periods (Winter Break & Spring Break) are included in the base price of all apartment style units (101 Corry, CP Cincy, Morgens Hall, Scioto Hall, University Edge, The Deacon, U Square, The Eden and University Park Apartments). All other halls exclude break periods from the academic year contract.

Meal Plan Rates

First-year On-Campus Residents

First-year students who have a housing contract through Housing and Food Services are required to purchase the All-Access Residential (formerly known as unlimited) meal plan. Per the terms and conditions of the housing agreement they are not eligible to purchase a Campus Dining Pass or to forego purchasing a meal plan.    

Residential All-Access Meal Plan

This plan offers students maximum flexibility to meet the needs of any eating schedule. Students have the freedom to eat a full meal or to just stop by to grab a snack. The format of this plan eliminates the need to budget meals per week and allows students to enjoy eating at the pace that works best for them. 

For added value the unlimited meal plan comes with fifteen additional meals that you can use to treat a guest.   

Rates for 2022-23 Cohort approved by the Board of Trustees on February 22, 2022

All-Access Meal Plan
Details Per Semester Per Academic Year

Unlimited dine-in meal swipes  

15 guest meals/semester    




Summer Rates

Summer semester rates for residents who are beginning a 12-month contract* (see above), or who are continuing from the current academic year, receive a reduced rate of $1,330.^^ New residents' rates are listed below, based on room type and occupancy.

Summer semester rates for new residents by room type and occupancy
Room Type Single Occupancy Multiple Occupancy
Junior Suite $4,828
Apartment $5,317 $5,015

^^Summer reduced rate for students whose first year is 2022-2023. Other cohort rates appear on their respective rate pages.

Break Rates

Students remaining in housing during breaks may be billed at a $37 nightly rate. 

During Winter Break and Spring Break, residents with a signed Housing agreement, and who are registered for spring semester classes, are eligible for break housing.

Residents may be relocated for the break period, depending on the status of their permanent residence hall community.


Dining Centers are closed during break periods. Closing dates may be found on the Food Services website; hours for other campus retail food locations are also listed.