WVXU: Adjusting To Work In Today's High-Tech Age Of Automation

Cincinnati Edition asks how findings of two Brookings Institution studies are playing out locally

The Brookings Institution has found that federal dollars to fund innovation generally is flowing to the country's coastal cities. But the University of Cincinnati is fighting to make the Midwest a destination for innovation. 

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UC Chief Innovation Officer David J. Adams

University of Cincinnati Chief Innovation Officer David J. Adams, UC School of Information Technology Director Hazem Said and Rich Hill, FIS leader of strategy and architecture for merchant solutions and a 2005 UC graduate, joined Maryanne Zeleznik to discuss the effects of digitalization of the workplace and what UC is doing to attract talent and investment to the region. 

Listen to the Jan. 29, 2020, Cincinnati Edition and learn more. 

The Brookings Institution recently released two reports, Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How Machines Are Affecting People and Places, and The Case for Growth Centers: How to Spread The Innovation Across AmericaBrookings Institution report authors Mark Muro, senior fellow and policy director, and Research Associate Robert Maxim also joined Zeleznik to discuss their findings. 

The university's Innovation Agenda is a key component of UC's strategic direction, Next Lives Here. 

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Next Lives Here, the University of Cincinnati’s strategic direction, defines our moment and our momentum. More nimble and more robust than a plan, Next Lives Here announces our vision to the world—to lead urban public universities into a new era of innovation, impact, and inclusion.