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WKRC-Local News 12: UC researchers develop antibody to neutralize cocaine high

UC scientist makes advances in treating addiction

Local 12 News journalist Angenette Levy spoke with Andrew Norman, professor in the UC Department of Pharmacy and Systems Physiology, for a segment about his latest research.  Norman leads a team of researchers at UC College of Medicine, who have developed an anti-cocaine antibody for humans that may help block the effects of cocaine and aid individuals battling drug addiction to stay in recovery.

The human antibody, reengineered in a laboratory, is now being manufactured for human trials that are expected to begin later this year. When injected into the bloodstream, that antibody attaches to cocaine, preventing it from entering the brain and limiting its behavioral effects. Its success at reducing the drug’s effects have been documented in animal models of cocaine relapse.

Norman said the antibody isn’t a silver bullet, but possibly another tool in the toolbox for battling addiction. He spoke to Levy along with collaborator Terry Kirley, also a professor in the UC Department of Pharmacy and Systems Physiology.

Listen to the full segment on WKRC-Local 12 News.

Learn more about Norman’s research online.

A video also tells the story of the anti-cocaine antibody.