Newly elected UC Staff Senators

UC staff have elected 2020-2022 Staff Senators

As part of the university’s Next Lives Here strategic direction to enrich its staff and help nurture a culture that is owned, not rented, UC’s first Staff Senate was formed in the fall of 2018.

Join us in congratulating the 2020-2022 New Staff Senate members. Elections were held in early May, and new senators will begin their 2-year term in July 2020. All UC staff are encouraged to attend the May 27th Staff Senate meeting to be part of the enthusiasm and excitement for our new senators. The meeting will be held online via WebEx from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM, and more information and the link to attend the meeting can be found on the Staff Senate Bearcats Landing page.

Our overall goal is to be a representative voice for UC Staff, so a top priority will be establishing a variety of communication channels to make it easy for staff to communicate their ideas and suggestions.

Chris Collins IT@UC Sr IT Manager and chair of UC 2019-20 Staff Senate

With an active agenda already underway, the new senate looks forward to working collaboratively across departments, colleges and campuses to help UC move forward.

L:acey McCarthy Business Manager and vice-chair of the current Staff Senate

Newly Elected Staff Senators

Within the election, the senate received approximately 15,000 votes. We are pleased to welcome 33 new senators recognized below.

Senator Term 2020-2022

Marty Brookhart

 COM Accounting and Finance

John Cornforth

 A&F HR Staff Success Center

Stephanie Davis

 Student Affairs McNair Program

Emily Dobbs

 COM Internal Medicine Graduate Program

Vernon Jackson

 ITUC Integrated Services Help Desk

Keisha James

 CON Human Resources

Cindy Jones

 UCBA One Stop

Tina Mahle

 A&F HR Staff Success Center

Kiana Million

 CON AD for Academic Nursing

Nicole Morgan

 A&F Bursar Operations

Scott Page

 Faculty Affairs & Academic Personnel

Heidi Pettyjohn

 SA VP Student Affairs

Tracy Pritchard

 COM Dean Medical Education

Brieanne Sheehan

 COM Dean Office of Research

Mandy Shoemaker

 Student Affairs UC Women’s Center

Melissa Slater

 COM Human Resources 

Alecia Trammer

 A&F Campus Services

Eric Tribbe

 COM IT Server Support

Alicia Vassil

 COM Human Resources

Nicole Washington

 CECH Marketing Services

Amy Zonker

 COM Accounting and Finance

At-large Senator Term 2020-2022

Melissa Berling

 A&F HR Front Desk Operations

Catherine Goodman

 Hoxworth Cellular Therapies Laboratory 

LaDreka Karikari

 A&S Academic Recruitment

Randy Lytes

 Equity Inclusion Equal Opportunity & Access

Yu Mao

 UC Libraries Business Office

Lawrence McCullough

 A&F BCS Access and Compliance Services

Molly McDermott-Fallon

 Enrollment Management Registrar

Aniesha Mitchell

 SA Student Conduct & Community Standards

Diana Riggs

 CEAS Alumni Relations/Marketing

Christine Street

 A&F BCS Project Services

Randy Ulses

 Enrollment Management Student Financial Aid

Nikki Vargas

 Clermont Marketing Services

Staff Senate Commitees

Currently there are five standing committees in order to conduct staff senate business more efficiently. New senate members will serve on one of the committees and will meet in the interim between formal staff senate meetings:

  • Membership and elections committee: will execute the staff senate election process as outlined by the governance committee, provide the staff senate with nominees for open positions on standing committees and develop the new member orientation and training program.
  • Budget and human resource committee: will support the strategic direction of the university with an emphasis on the staff experience, and in doing so may consider all financial, planning, human resource, and economic welfare matters affecting the university to ensure a supportive environment that will provide personal and professional growth opportunities for university staff in collaboration with the offices for finance and human resources.
  • Information technology committee: will consider and represent staff views on all significant information technology initiatives, issues, and policies that impact the university; create and maintain the staff senate website and electronic voting systems; offer technology consultation and training for staff; and consider all information technology matters brought to its attention by the staff senate or the university administration in collaboration with the University of Cincinnati office of information technology.
  • Communication and recognition committee: will organize and coordinate outreach and community engagement activities, staff recognition functions, public and special events; performs responsibilities related to communications of the staff senate, including the distribution of publicity and information relating to the staff senate; and considers all outreach and communication matters brought to its attention by the staff senate or the university administration.
  • Governance committee: will annually review the bylaws and propose amendments; determine membership, nomination, and election procedures for senators with final approval by the senate cabinet; annually review the number of staff senate representatives and reapportion the area representation as needed based on information received from university of Cincinnati human resources; monitor governance policies and practices to ensure effective staff involvement in university decision making; and consider all governance matters brought to its attention by the staff senate or the university administration.

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