WCPO: UC researcher examines whether extremist groups among protesters here

UC's Molly Boscoe says Cincinnati not known for extremists activity, but it's possible

Molly Broscoe, a doctoral sociology student and researcher at the University of Cincinnati who specializes in white supremacist movements tells WCPO extremist groups may be active at protests in major cities, including Cincinnati.

"The city of Cincinnati itself doesn't have as strong as an organized white supremacist presence as Dayton does, so a lot of the times if they're here it's because they've traveled from elsewhere, more central in the state,” Broscoe said.

The article comes on the heels of arrests made during curfew violations and requests made by the FBI and local officals for the public’s help in identifying “violent instigators” who exploit peaceful protests nationwide.

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Featured image at top: protests outside Cincinnati Police District One Headquarters on May 30. Photo/WCPO/Eric Clajus

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