WVXU: UC startup gains interest in its new technology

Cinthesis engineers new way to perform environmentally friendly chemistry

University of Cincinnati Venture Lab-backed startup Cinthesis is gaining interest from companies that are adding new products and want to go green, WVXU reported.

Cinthesis, whose facilities are based at UC, is working in the emerging field of mechanochemistry. This discipline is a way to perform chemistry without solvents, which could reduce waste and reduce the need for volatile organic compounds that can be harmful to the environment

“We had to invent and design and engineer a way to separate the components of the mixing and the thermal energy associated. No one had ever done that before,” James Mack, PhD, a UC professor of chemistry and Cinthesis’ soon-to-be chief executive officer, told WVXU.

Cinthesis is working with companies to implement this new technology.

“Cinthesis is designed to take processes companies have," Mack said. "We evaluate it. We look at the waste components and then we provide an alternative that is environmentally benign.”

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Featured image at top: From left, Cinthesis Technical Adviser James Mack, Chief Technology Officer Joel Andersen and CEO Edward Sawicki operate the startup that is based at UC. Photo/Cinthesis

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