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UC’s summer semester offers students short sessions, flexibility

April 12, 2021

Coming into the summertime of 2020, Sumedha Kappagantula was considering ways to make the most her opportunities during what is usually a break from the academic rigor of her traditional school year. As a Biomedical Engineering major in the UC’s College of Engineering and Applied Sciences, Kappagantula is minoring in Chemistry and Biological Sciences, taking classes through the College of Arts and Sciences. She thought summer semester would be a great time to get ahead in her coursework, and move her degree forward.

UC grad realizes dream of community impact during COVID

March 8, 2021

By Joí Dean As an undergraduate in UC’s College of Arts and Sciences, alumna Dr. Nasrien E. Ibrahim was influenced by the diverse community she found herself among. It was, she says, “people from all different cultural, racial and ethnic backgrounds. I just loved the melting pot and diversity. Not just the background, but of thought and experience of views on life,” Ibrahim said. That appreciation for diversity has influenced her career as a cardiologist and her approach to medicine, and caused her to appreciate more deeply social inequities that made her work more challenging. Recently a cardiologist at Massachusetts General Hospital, Ibrahim served on the front lines during the pandemic.

UC team lands first place in first Ethics Bowl competition

March 4, 2021

It was a true Cinderella story. Competing for the first time in the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl, the University of Cincinnati beat out 36 other teams to win the 25th annual APPE competition. UC bested teams from Stanford University, Northwestern University and West Point, among others. “Shock, delight and pride,” Daniel Mattox, team coach and graduate instructor in philosophy, described his reaction. “It was unexpected that we kept winning, but I was delighted by the team’s efforts. They are so utterly brilliant and hard-working, and I’m so proud of everything they accomplished.” Organized by the UC College of Arts and Sciences’ Department of Philosophy, the team qualified for the national competition in the Central State regionals last November. Participants on the UC team included Emma Duhamel, Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies major; Dom Duponty, Philosophy and Chemistry major; and Caitlin Powell, Philosophy and Spanish major.

Funding helps put UC near the forefront of cancer research

November 4, 2020

Benjamin Harrison The ongoing fight against cancer isn’t going to go away anytime soon, but the work from In-Kwon Kim, assistant professor of chemistry, and his team could drastically improve the field of cancer research. Kim recently received a 4-year grant ($792,000) from the American Cancer Society. With the help of this grant, Kim and his team will put the University of Cincinnati at the head of the next-stage cancer treatment. Before coming to UC, Kim was an assistant professor of biochemistry and molecular biophysics at Washington University’s School of Medicine. He decided to take the opportunity in precision cancer medicine in UC and join the chemistry department in 2016. Kim’s research group focuses primarily on the ADP-ribosylation cycle that regulates many cellular signaling pathways, including DNA repair and cell death. Currently, Kim and his team are working with human enzymes that remove different types of ADP-ribosylations. These enzymes play key roles in DNA repair and are often associated with breast cancer.

Biosensor detects toxins in water sources

August 5, 2020

University of Cincinnati environmental engineers and chemists developed a biosensor to detect toxins in surface water such as streams, rivers and lakes. Funded through National Science Foundation (NSF) grants, the research was recently featured in an NSF video. The research is led by Dionysios Dionysiou, professor of environmental engineering, and addresses the importance of detecting toxic products of cyanobacteria algal blooms, which are formed mainly by agricultural runoff.

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