Fox 19: UC’s Transition & Access program supports students with developmental disabilities

UC celebrates the 10th anniversary of the TAP program

A Fox 19 segment showcased how UC offers a pathway to success for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  

“I wanted to learn some new things; especially how to cook,” UC TAP student Cullin McCoy says in a news feature on the UC's Transition and Access Program, housed within the College of Education, Criminal Justice and Human Services.

This is McCoy’s third year in the program which teaches students career readiness skills, independent living skills and social skills.

Those involved in TAP’s team of students and educators all contribute to spreading the program’s message and benefits.

“I doubt you will find programs that are as comprehensive as this one,“ says Larry Johnson, the college dean.   The four-year program incorporates aspects that make it unique from other inclusive postsecondary programs—including on-campus living options and a university recognized certificate.

The employment rate for TAP graduates is about 85% and continues to grow yearly. Additionally, around 52% of TAP graduates are living on their own—a figure that’s been accomplished by the program’s ability to prepare students for the future.

“We’re very proud. We never expected the growth that we’ve seen in him,” says Collin’s mother, Terri McCoy.

Watch the Fox 19 segment

Read more about the TAP program 

Featured image at top of TAP graduate Eve Brennan who earned her TAP certificate in 2021.  Photo/Sadie Everett 

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