Leading companies join Lt. Gov. Husted for AI Forum

Insights shared by UC 1819 Innovation Hub corporate partners

The conversation surrounding artificial intelligence (AI) spans a broad spectrum, as demonstrated in a recent forum hosted by UC's 1819 Innovation Hub and led by Ohio's Lt. Gov. Jon Husted. The Ohio | AI Forum: Cincinnati, brought together experts from various industries to discuss the transformative power of AI, WLWT reported.

The forum shed light on the evolving landscape of AI, particularly in terms of generative learning. Companies such as Kroger and P&G shared insights into how new AI models reshape business operations.

Ohio's commitment to AI innovation was a recurring theme. Husted expressed his vision for Ohio to be at the forefront of AI leadership. The forum showcased Cincinnati's potential as an innovation hub, capitalizing on the assembled talent.

Speakers also explored education's role in the AI era. Leading academics discussed how generative AI, exemplified by tools such as ChatGPT, could impact education by analyzing data and rapidly generating reports.

The UC forum on AI reflected the diverse perspectives on the technology ranging from anxiety to enthusiasm. Discussions highlighted AI's current significance in business and education and the importance of developing safeguards while emphasizing Ohio's commitment to technological progress.

View WLWT coverage of the event.

Featured image at top: Ohio Lt. Gov. Jon Husted and panelists at the The Ohio | AI Forum: Cincinnati. Photo/Olivia Bransford

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