Join the Information Security Outreach Roadshow

Participants to gain tools to learn, engage and protect

At a time when digital risks are part of everyday life, cybersecurity knowledge is key to safeguarding ourselves and those we care about.

Informed vigilance is our best defense, ensuring we stay ahead of cybercrime. Staying informed secures our present and protects our future in an ever-changing digital landscape.

The Digital Technology Solutions Office of Information Security (OIS) is excited to announce the kickoff of Information Security Outreach Roadshows, a program designed to empower employees with essential cybersecurity skills. This initiative is not just a series of workshops; it’s a journey toward enhancing personal digital security and collectively creating a safer digital environment. 

Stay ahead of the curve

Through engaging and interactive sessions, the roadshows will offer participants valuable insights into the latest trends and techniques employed by cybercriminals. These insights begin with personal protection and extend to fostering education and advocacy for cybersecurity within colleges or units, creating cybersecurity champions. Staying ahead of the curve enables individuals to become vital lines of defense in combating cyber threats.

Join OIS

Information technology liaisons within each college already have been engaged, but this invitation extends to all units within the UC community and will kick off in January 2024. The program ensures a comprehensive understanding of the essentials by covering topics such as cybersecurity basics, password management, multi-factor authentication, phishing awareness and more.

UC Vice President & Chief Digital Officer Bharath Prabhakaran emphasizes the community aspect.

“The roadshow initiative is not just about individual growth; it's about strengthening the entire community’s cybersecurity posture," Prabhakaran said. "By uniting forces, we can make a lasting impact and create a safer digital environment for all.”

Don’t miss this chance to ignite your cybersecurity skills.  

Direct inquiries and requests to participate in this initiative to Matt Williams at  

Together, let’s secure the present and protect the future.   

For additional information security insights, visit and Bearcat's Landing (UC faculty and staff).

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