UC 1819 Innovation Hub fuels Cincinnati’s startup success

Alums a key driver of economic growth

The University of Cincinnati is a driving force behind Cincinnati's vibrant startup community, creating jobs and generating profit.

This success is no accident.

An impressive 33% of the startups featured in this year's Business Courier Cincy Inno’s Top Startups to Watch list and finalists for the Cincy Inno Fire Awards are either founded by UC alums or are associated with UC’s corporate investor partners.

UC has strategically identified and developed programs centered around fundamental influences for startup success. These include leveraging the skills and expertise of faculty and mentors, offering high-quality entrepreneurial programs and fostering deep market understanding and industry experience.

According to Entrepreneur magazine, a recent study from Stanford University revealed that UC outperformed prestigious institutions like Yale, Harvard and MIT in producing graduate founders who have successfully launched unicorn startups, companies valued at more than $1 billion that are not publicly traded..

The UC 1819 ecosystem is a powerhouse for startups, offering everything from investor connections and mentorship, industry professionals to licensing support....

Kate Harmon Assistant vice president, 1819 Innovation Hub, executive director of the UC Center for Entrepreneurship

Startups boost economy

The following UC-affiliated Fire Award finalists have achieved remarkable success in various categories over the past year, with aspirations of reaching unicorn status. They are honored for their significant contributions and exceptional innovations that have greatly benefited Cincinnati's economy and beyond:

  • Best Tech: Tembo, Clean Earth Rovers
  • Best Venture Firm: Tembo
  • Venture Capital Firm: Fireroad, Main Street Ventures
  • Health Care and Biotech: TRPV Pharmaceuticals
  • CPG/Marketing: Cooler Keg
  • Startup of the year: Coterie

Startups like these increasingly recognize the transformative potential of collaborating with universities to bridge the gap between academia and industry. The 1819 Innovation Hub and its programs play a crucial role in this, as they are dedicated to fostering and developing startup ventures, highlighting their critical role in the economic landscape and driving innovation and entrepreneurial growth.

Accelerating entrepreneurship


Kate Harmon Photo/Andrew Higley/UC Marketing + Brand

The Venture Lab pre-accelerator program is dedicated to transforming startup concepts into thriving businesses. Since its inception in 2019, the Venture Lab has distributed $4.5 million in funding to support startups. It collaborates closely with the UC Office of Technology Transfer (Tech Transfer) to support the commercialization of innovative ideas and synergy between these entities under one roof, which helps startups safeguard their discoveries while launching their ventures.

"The UC 1819 ecosystem is a powerhouse for startups, offering everything from investor connections and mentorship, industry professionals to licensing support, ensuring that entrepreneurs have all the resources they need to take their ideas from concept to market success," said Kate Harmon, assistant vice president of the 1819 Innovation Hub and executive director of the UC Center for Entrepreneurship.

UC's role in this startup ecosystem, its positive impact on regional growth and its proximity to industry giants facilitate the transfer of knowledge and technology through licensing and patents. This year, Tech Transfer was recognized as a top 100 academic producer of U.S. patents for faculty and researchers, solidifying UC’s reputation as a national leader in advancing entrepreneurship and invigorating the Cincinnati Innovation District.

This growing trend of nurturing thought leaders who become trailblazing entrepreneurs generates optimism and attracts students, investors, researchers and innovators to Cincinnati.

Investor appeal

Advancing the creation of innovative startups, with a high concentration of alumni in the area, universities significantly influence where these startups decide to establish themselves. As a result, businesses like some of the nominees listed below, founded by UC graduates, enjoy a competitive edge:

  • Nichefire
  • Pantomath
  • Cloverleaf
  • Queen City Angels

High-quality research, especially in the social sciences, attracts innovative startups and draws local investors such as CincyTech and Main Street Ventures, corporate partners in UC's 1819 Innovation Hub.

Connecting the dots of how UC drives Cincinnati’s startup ecosystem, these programs and investors are essential to the commercial landscape, directing funds into the region’s talented pool of entrepreneurs.

As interest in the next wave of innovation, especially in artificial intelligence, continues to surge, investors are becoming increasingly eager to support ventures in this field, which will help position Cincinnati as a potential leader.

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Innovation Lives Here

The University of Cincinnati is leading public urban universities into a new era of innovation and impact. Our faculty, staff and students are saving lives, changing outcomes and bending the future in our city's direction. Next Lives Here.

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