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IT Insider: OneDrive replaces Box@UC this August

The IT Insider presents its July updates

Hi! Here are the IT highlights for the month of July:

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IT@UC letterhead

We are (officially) IT@UC

The forms have been submitted to the University of Cincinnati's Human Resources Operations to name our unit IT@UC in UC Flex, which will push the name change to other systems of record at the university. Our colleagues in the Enterprise Shared Services, Collaboration Services Group, will also re-name the existing email distribution to groups in Outlook.

Additionally, our colleagues in the Public Information Office (PIO) will lead the re-branding effort and support us through the full transition to IT@UC. You will start to notice public-facing signs of IT@UC in buildings over the course of the next few weeks.

We are all familiar with the “unintended consequences” that often result from large-scale change. Please report any issues you encounter due to the name-change to the IT@UC Service Desk. Submit a support ticket online or call Service Desk at 513-556-4537.

Many thanks to all of you for staying the course and making IT@UC a reality.

Box logo with an arrow to OneDrive Logo

OneDrive replaces Box@UC this August

As the next step in UC’s move to Office 365, OneDrive will replace Box@UC as the official cloud storage and file sharing solution for all students, faculty and staff next month.  OneDrive is now approved for storing Restricted and Controlled data–so you can move your files today, or wait for the automatic migration in August.

When and how will the migration to OneDrive occur?

  • Your Box contents will be automatically moved to your OneDrive during the week of Aug. 19.
  • Sharing permissions will remain intact after the migration, except for external or non-UC collaborators, which you will need to re-add manually.
  • Your Box account will be switched to “read only” mode, so you can still retrieve files, and so any links to Box documents will continue to work after the migration.
  • For more information about the migration, please visit the ITNext website, where we’ll post project updates and links to Knowledge Base articles and training resources.

Ready to start using OneDrive today?

Early adopters are welcome!  If you’re ready to start using OneDrive now, we invite you to manually move your files over (self-migrate) at your convenience.  (Please note that sharing permissions will not transfer in this case – so shared documents will need to be re-shared from OneDrive.)  Any files left in your Box account as of Aug. 19 will still be migrated automatically.

ServiceNow icon

Introducing ServiceNow

In partnership with Business Core Systems and College of Medicine, IT@UC will implement the ServiceNow service management platform that better aligns IT service standards. ServiceNow is the industry’s leading IT service management tool and will serve as the technical backbone for all-things related to IT systems and services.

The ServiceNow project will roll out in two phases:

  • Phase 1: ServiceNow will replace TeamDynamix by Spring 2020. The Project Team will work with our implementation gold partner, Logicalis, and with all current TeamDynamix stakeholders to integrate their processes into ServiceNow by Spring 2020.
  • Phase 2:  IT@UC will implement additional functionality to create a more holistic IT service experience for students, faculty and staff; stay tuned for phase 2 timeline.

We will communicate regularly with the university community about this new chapter in IT@UC.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Licensing change for Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 in Labs & Classrooms

Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 will require students to have a "shared user" license to access the software applications in labs and shared device setups.
What you can expect.

  • IT@UC will migrate existing "device based" Creative Cloud licenses to the new "shared user" licensing model in early August. The migration will trigger a 30-day window to fully complete the transition to "shared user" licenses.
  • IT Administrators will then receive access to the new Adobe Creative Cloud 2019 "shared user" packages for deployment in labs and classrooms across the university.
  • Students will access the Creative Cloud software applications utilizing their UC username and password.

The IT@UC EndPoint Management Team will update you via email at least two weeks before the August migration date.
Please submit a ticket to the IT@UC Endpoint Management Team with any questions in the meantime.

phone icon

Continued progress on new phone installations

New phone installation is now complete in University Hall 4th floor, which includes employees in IT@UC and the Staff Success Center. Technicians are also beginning to work on the 1267 phones in the Teachers-Dyer Complex. The scheduled date for Teachers-Dyer to transition to the new phone system is mid-August.
There are 6 main activities in the installation process that take about 4 weeks to complete:

  1. Technicians conduct a physical audit of all phones on the floor.
  2. The audit report, which includes a list of all phone lines, is sent to the unit to review.
  3. The unit reviews the report and makes any changes, if necessary, including the names that go with the phones (conference room, user names, etc.).
  4. Meeting with the unit and technical team and a hands-on phone training is offered.
  5. Phones are placed on the desks of the unit employees.
  6. Cut over day, the day that the new phones are plugged in and turned on at desks and in conference rooms.

It is highly recommended that you set up your new voicemail before your refresh. Additional information regarding voicemail setup, new phone styles, and what to expect during the transition can be found on the Network & Telephone Refresh webpage under Phase 3: Telephone System Replacement.

GitHub cats working on computers

GitHub Education Service Discontinuing

Due to a recent change in licensing terms, GitHub Education service will be discontinued Oct. 4, 2019. Email announcements will be sent to all GitHub Education users notifying them of the change.

Students and faculty who wish to use GitHub for academic or instructional purposes after October 4 can switch to the GitHub Student Developer Pack, which is free to use and has all the same features as the current service.
NOTE: This only affects the GitHub Education service.

The GitHub Enterprise service will continue to be offered, as the contract terms for that product have not changed. Please note, however, that the Enterprise service requires paid licenses for each account and should only be used for non-academic work. Please email Jon Adams with any questions or concerns about GitHub Enterprise.

ResNet window on Main Street

Software sales transition to ResNet

Due to declining software sales in the UC Bookstore and the move to make purchasing more efficient, this summer the software available for personal use by UC students, faculty and staff will transition from being sold through the Follett Bookstores to ResNet. Mathematica will also move from being sold through OntheHub to ResNet. 

To ensure a smooth transition, and allow more time for the release of TouchNet online ordering, both the Follett Bookstore and OntheHub will continue sales during the month of July. For more details, please read the UC News article Personal software sales transition to IT@UC ResNet.

ResNet will only be selling software for personal use in their West Campus – Steger Student Life Center location. Any software currently sold through the UC Bookstore (Follett) or On the Hub will transition to being sold in ResNet. Please visit the ResNet website for hours, service lists, and location details.

UC Filespace header

Changes to UCFileSpace coming this summer

The UCFileSpace service is nearing retirement, and replacement solutions for file storage and web hosting are currently being developed. Over the summer, file storage and sharing will move to Office 365 OneDrive, and personal website hosting ( will be relaunched as a standalone service. More information about these services, including migration instructions where applicable, will be distributed as they become available.
To facilitate the change, a successful roundtable discussion was held to develop solutions for individual user scenarios. If you work within UCFileSpace and missed the meeting, or have additional UCFileSpace needs that have not been discussed, please contact your local IT Manager. IT@UC teams will work closely with UCFileSpace users and IT Managers to keep them updated on all solutions developed.
Thanks for your support and feedback through this process. Any questions about this process can be emailed to Jon Adams –; Russ Langford –; Adam Steele –; Michelle Smith –; Tony Iacobelli;  or Jermaine Fields –

SQL Server 2008, Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 are reaching end of service

Applications and systems reaching End of Service

Several popular operating systems will reach End of Service (EOS) in the near future, including SQL Server 2008 (7/9/19)Windows 7 (1/14/20) and Windows Server 2008 (1/14/20). View a complete list of Applications and Operating Systems Reaching End of Service in 2019 and 2020

Please start appropriate planning to upgrade or decommission systems prior to these dates. 

University policy requires that information systems be maintained to protect against vulnerabilities. Systems that reach End of Service (EOS) will not receive security or non-security updates from the vendor, typically resulting in catastrophic vulnerabilities within a short period of time.

Please email the UC Office of Information Security with any questions or concerns.

Office 365 logo with application logos

O365 training offered by the Staff Success Center

Microsoft Office trainings are currently being offered to UC faculty, staff, and student employees. 

To view and sign-up for face-to-face Microsoft Trainings offered by the Staff Success Center, select one of the following links and sign-in to SuccessFactors Learning. (NOTE: The recommended browser for SuccessFactors is Mozilla Firefox.)

Online training for OneDrive and Teams is also available through

For questions about Microsoft Office 365 training, email the Staff Success Center.

Capital A with lines; read aloud; computer monitor reading words

Tip of the Month: Word and Outlook read to you

Hands full? No problem! 

Let Word and Outlook read your documents and email messages aloud. Text is highlighted as its read.

In Word, open a document and select Review > Read Aloud. In Outlook, select a message and click Home > Read Aloud.

Start reading aloud

See more tips

That's it for this month. Thanks for reading!