Photo gallery: Back to school at CCM with online, in-person classes

Images from the fall semester show faculty and students reunited in learning

Students, faculty and staff reunite to learn, create, perform and research during the fall semester at UC's College-Conservatory of Music. While the semester may look different during the pandemic, the university is committed to providing students with the best collegiate experience possible in this new era of living and learning.

A small wind orchestra rehearsing socially distanced on stage.

The CCM Wind Symphony rehearses Adolphus Hailstork’s Spiritual with CCM Ensembles and Conducting Division Head Kevin Michael Holzman. Students are protected by shields and spaced 10 feet apart. Trumpets and trombones have plastic masks on their bells. Photo/Provided by Kevin Michael Holzman.

Students in an online score reading class

Each student in CCM's online score reading class has a keyboard or piano to play the exercises that are presented. Photo/Provided by Aik Khai Pung.

A small wind ensemble rehearsing on stage

The CCM Wind Ensemble rehearses a transcription of Maurice Ravel’s “Mother Goose Suite.” Photo/Provided by Kevin Michael Holzman.

Students and faculty meet in an online class

Arts Administration students and faculty meet virtually for their fall welcome party. Photo/Provided by Jobelle Mesa.

A chamber orchestra rehearsing socially distanced.

The CCM Chamber Orchestra rehearses with Professor Aik Khai Pung. Photo/Provided by Kevin Michael Holzman.

A dancer in a mask prepares for class

Carly Hermann, a senior in CCM Ballet, prepares for class in the dance rehearsal studio. Photo/Provided by Carly Hermann.

A student in a tree with a mask

CCM Acting Professor Richard Hess holds his Musical Theatre Acting class outside for students to learn on the lawn of UC. Christian Kidd climbs a tree during a class break. Photo/Provided by Richard Hess.

Musical Theatre students wear masks during class and pose for a selfie.

CCM Musical Theatre Professor Katie Johannigman poses with students during class. Photo/Provided by Katie Johannigman.

Students and faculty meet in an online class

CCM Flute Professor Demarre McGill and his brother Anthony McGill, principal clarinet of the New York Philharmonic, meet online with students in the CCM Flute Studio. Photo/Provided by Demarre McGill.

CCM student Leila Sereki

CCM undergraduate student Leila Sereki plays the basset horn. Students and faculty members who participate in activities that cannot be completed while wearing a face mask — such as singing, playing a brass/woodwind instrument, etc. — may remove their masks while performing. Photo/Provided by Kevin Michael Holzman.

A small orchestra rehearses on stage.

CCM Chamber Orchestra rehearses in Patricia Corbett Theater. Students are socially distanced with protective shields and face masks. Photo/Provided by Aik Khai Pung.

Students view an organ at Christ Church Cathedral

CCM Organ majors enjoy a socially-distant visit with Bruce Fowkes (Richards, Fowkes & Co. Organ Builders) to learn about the new Opus 24 organ, currently in progress for Cincinnati’s Christ Church Cathedral. Photo/Provided by Michael Unger.

Student trombonists rehearse with masks on their bells.

CCM Trombone students rehearse with plastic masks on their bells and protective shields. Photo/Provided by Kevin Michael Holzman.

A professor's set up for his online class.

Professor Aik Khai Pung leads his orchestral conducting class. Students record conducting videos and the class watches and learns together online. Photo/Provided by Aik Khai Pung.

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Featured image at the top: The CCM Saxophone Ensemble holds a socially distanced rehearsal with protective shields in Corbett Auditorium. Photo/Provided by Kevin Michael Holzman.