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The Atlantic: Resist the temptation to kiss that baby

December 20, 2022

If it's not your baby, you probably shouldn't kiss it, The Atlantic reported. For many people, the urge to touch and kiss babies is strong. Human babies are born extremely vulnerable, and there's a strong desire to provide communal care for them, said Oriana Aragon, a social psychologist and assistant professor of marketing in the University of Cincinnati’s Carl H. Lindner College of Business.


UC research seeks to protect athletes from brain injuries

December 1, 2022

Former football players worry about the effects of concussions suffered during their playing careers and hope research from the University of Cincinnati will help them and future generations avoid the worst consequences of brain injuries. UC’s Office of Research hosted a panel discussion in the Flashpoint Series, “Brain Injuries in Sports: How we can help our athletes,” which addressed the effects of brain injuries and how research aims to develop solutions to protect athletes.


The future of work: How can employers engage employees?

December 1, 2022

With unemployment rates throughout the United States near 50-year lows, American companies have reported difficulties in hiring and retaining employees. Three professors and a staff member from the University of Cincinnati's Carl H. Lindner College of Business discuss how employees can attract potential employees, how they can keep their current employees engaged with their work and shifts in employee engagement trends.


Delivering fresh discoveries

November 21, 2022

A boomerang best describes Dan Whitacre’s career path. No matter where the flight course led, he always returned to Kroger. Five times over the last four decades. As senior director of Kroger Labs and Transformation, a University of Cincinnati alumnus and adjunct professor, Whitacre is the first to tell you that his career journey studying to be an electrical engineer and computer programmer has had many twists and turns.