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Remember to return your fall semester hang tags between December 19 - December 31.  

Parking Access Machine

Parking Garage Access

To access the new gate system, you will utilize your current permit hangtag in a different way. Instead of a proximity reader, the barcode located on the back of your hangtag will be read by the system. Note how in the picture shown here, and use these key tips:

  • Hold the hangtag still under the barcode reader. Waving the hangtag prevents the reader from being able to scan the barcode.
  • The hangtag can be held in any direction as long as the barcode is located under the reader.

Reminders: 2015 fall semester on-line parking permits are now closed. Please return your hang tags between December 19-31.

  • CCM, Corry, Eden Top, Stratford, University, Varsity Village, Clifton Court and Woodside are sold out.
  • A permit must be on display while parked on university property.
  • Evening permits are valid between 3 p.m. - 7 a.m. Monday - Friday and all day Saturday and Sunday. Residential parking is prohibited with this permit.
  • Eden Garage top deck parking is only valid on level 8.

Convenient Air Compressor Installed Outside University Ave. Garage

Parked on West Campus with tires that are low on air? Motorist assistance personnel helping other motorists? Use the new air compressor recently installed outside University Avenue Garage.

Parking Services has installed an air compressor outside University Avenue Garage for the convenience of campus students, faculty and staff, who need to add air to tires. When motorist assistance personnel are not available or the police cannot respond quickly due to other calls, this service will be especially handy.

Another compressor will be installed in Lot 13 outside Eden Garage on the Medical Campus when the adjacent construction project is complete.