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The FEC provides various programming within four major concept areas: 

  • Professional development
  • Interdisciplinary collaboration
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Social and personal well-being

Professional & Career Development

As defined in the collective bargaining agreement, faculty development programs and services are designed to improve the quality of teaching, service, scholarship and leadership through the University by assisting and inspiring Faculty to reach their full potential. As such, professional development programs in the Faculty Enrichment Center are designed to impart faculty with the knowledge and skills that they need to be successful. 

Did you know that leaders are not just administrators and supervisors? If you influence others, perhaps through your research lab, in the classroom, or on a committee, make critical decisions, and/or think about ways to have a positive impact on others and your environment – you’re a leader!

Built upon Spendlove’s (2007) higher education leadership theory and the National Science Foundation’s nine core leadership competencies, the Faculty Enrichment Center offers a variety of workshops designed to increase your knowledge of best leadership practices and hone your leadership skills. Learn how to manage your lab more effectively or lead committees more effectively. The FEC offers sessions on a variety of topics such as communication skills, conflict management, decision-making, emotional intelligence, and more. Sessions are led by faculty, internal and external leadership experts, and engaging webinars.  

The Faculty Enrichment Center has partnered with a number of offices to offer new and existing professional development programs designed to enhance, teaching, research, and service. The FEC’s partners include, but are not limited to, the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, the Office of Research, UC International, UC Libraries, the Staff Success Center, the Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Community Impact, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access, UC Sim, and UCit.       

In sessions designed to cover critical leadership topics, enhance skills, and build a sense of community, the University’s unit heads connect to discuss a wide range of relevant issues. Led by experts from both inside and outside the University, these workshops, sponsored by the Office of the Provost, provide department heads with opportunities to share best practices and learn from each other as they develop strong leadership skills. Topics change annually based on need, but some are recurring. Learn tips for managing conflict. Learn best practices for designing online degree programs. Do you understand performance-based budgeting? Come to a financial management workshop. Would you know what to do if a student, staff member, or faculty member brought a Title IX issue to you? Hear from the Office of Gender Equity and Inclusion to learn how to manage these issues as a unit head or director. 

Trying to determine the correct analysis to run to test your research hypotheses? Are you debating the pros and cons of one analysis vs. another? Need a data management plan for your grant submission? Are you working on designing a study? Want to learn how to search for external funding? Have IRB questions? Come to the Faculty Enrichment Center! In collaboration with the Statistics and Data Science Center, UC Libraries Research and Data Services, UCIT Research and Development, and the Office of Research, the Faculty Enrichment Center will offer 1:1 consultations in several areas designed to advance your research knowledge and skills. Schedule an appointment or drop in during FEC Research Office Hours for assistance. *Hours to be announced soon. Some services have time and/or session limits.  

Career Advancement

The FEC strives to help faculty reach their full potential. Therefore, the FEC offers programs and resources designed to facilitate career progression through the reappointment, promotion, and tenure processes as well as by preparing them to serve as leaders in a variety of roles such as committee chair, lead researcher, program director, department head, director, and more.      

The Group Mentorship Program works with faculty in groups of 10-12 throughout the academic year to cover a variety of topics such as understanding the RPT process, knowing your RPT criteria, time management, annual performance reviews, adjusting to life in Cincinnati, and have the opportunity to learn about various UC resources and services, to name a few. Led by senior faculty, emeriti, and/or administrators, the mentorship program is designed to help faculty adjust to UC, acquire information to help them be successful, and build a supportive network of peers. 

Many of the professional development workshops centered on teaching, research, and leadership development will help increase knowledge, build skills, and enhance working relationships, all of which are important to career advancement.       

The career path in academia isn’t always clear and varies mainly by the individual. How do I get promoted to associate professor? What steps should I take to make it to full processor – when should I apply? I want to go into administration – what should I be doing now to get there? Come to the Faculty Enrichment Center to complete a Career Advancement Planning Workshop. These workshop guide faculty through a self-reflection and planning process designed to provide some initial thought and insight into these questions. After completing these sessions, faculty will have a brief plan and questions/ideas that they can share with their department head, mentor, and/or peers to further their planning. 

Interdisciplinary Collaborations

Interdisciplinary collaborations consist of faculty from varying disciplines, or various sub-disciplines within a larger field, working collectively on a common goal or project, be it a professional development project, research project, academic program, or the like. Interdisciplinary collaborations give faculty the expertise and insight needed to address complex societal issues and helps maximize innovation. 

The FEC will support interdisciplinary teams and groups that wish to collaborate on a professional development project through a competitive award process. Projects should be designed to enhance faculty members’ knowledge and skills development. Teams of three or more faculty from at least two different disciplines will be eligible to compete for a maximum award of $20,000. A call for proposals will be announced annually. Other interdisciplinary opportunities are available through FEC partners such as the Office of Research, the Center for the Enhancement of Teaching and Learning, UC Libraries. 

The FEC staff would love to hear from you! It’s amazing how many connections faculty make by simply engaging in informal conversations and meeting people from different areas. Come to the Faculty Enrichment Center to learn about your colleagues’ areas of interest and expertise. You might meet a future grant collaborator, or co-instructor, or join some colleagues on a service project. The Featured Faculty Presentations are designed to spark conversations, identify commonalities across disciplines, and facilitate collaborations, interdisciplinary collaborations in particular. If you are interested in presenting, please email your proposed workshop to

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

The University of Cincinnati’s Strategic Direction emphasizes Inclusive Excellence. As such, the Faculty Enrichment Center strives to serve faculty from all titles, ranks, career stages, and backgrounds by employing culturally inclusive practices, policies, and programs. In addition to delivering its programs related to diversity, equity, and inclusion, the FEC has partnered with the Office of Equity, Inclusion, and Community Impact, the Office of Equality Opportunity and Access, and the provostal affinity groups to offer programs that empower and support underrepresented faculty and that educate the larger UC community on equity and inclusion issues. If you are interested in leading a workshop on diversity, inclusion, or for a targeted group of faculty (e.g., non-tenure track faculty, associate professors, adjunct faculty, women, Black faculty, Latino/a faculty), please email your idea to

Sample Workshops:

  • Recruiting and Retaining Underrepresented Minority Faculty
  • Leading Culturally Inclusive Meetings
  • Queer Eye for the Workplace Ally
  • Microaggressions
  • Understanding and Managing Unconscious Bias
  • Going Beyond Compliance: Creating a Culture of Respect

Social and Personal Well-Being

The Faculty Enrichment Center understands the importance of not just attending to professional development but the whole person. Social and personal well-being are essential contributors to job satisfaction and productivity and help create a healthy culture. As such, the FEC offers programs that facilitate personal and social well-being. In collaboration with Counseling and Psychological Services, UC Be Well, the Student Wellness Center, and mind-body experts, the FEC offers programs on stress management, time management, mind-body sessions, and activities for Brain Breaks (5-minute activities designed to give your mind a break). Moreover, the FEC offers inviting spaces for formal and informal social gatherings to network, spend time with colleagues, enjoy a cup of coffee, and/or relax.