The Office of the Provost leadership team engages the university community and beyond to grow UC’s mission and lead urban public universities into a new era of innovation and impact. The leadership team establishes priorities and implements innovative programs and policies to support, guide and advance the academic pedagogy provided by our faculty and the quality of life of our students.  Our mission is guided by our values of inclusion, innovation and impact.

Headshot of Jessica Donovan

Jessica Donovan

Director, Next Lives Here

Van Wormer Hall - 310


Headshot of Gigi Escoe

Gigi Escoe

Vice Provost for Undergraduate Studies; Dean of the Division of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education

Van Wormer Hall - 310


Headshot of Karen Goodwin

Karen Goodwin

Vice Provost, Finance

Van Wormer Hall - 310


Headshot of Lori Griffin

Lori Griffin

Executive Assistant

Van Wormer Hall - 210

513- 556-4311

Headshot of Jason Lemon

Jason Lemon

Vice Provost and Dean, Cincinnati Online


Headshot of Christopher T. Lewis, MD

Christopher T. Lewis, MD

Vice Provost for Academic Programs, Interim Dean of the Graduate School

Van Wormer Hall - 210B


Headshot of Keisha Love

Keisha Love

Vice Provost for Faculty Advancement and Academic Inclusion

Van Wormer Hall - 340A


Headshot of Susana Luzuriaga

Susana Luzuriaga

Director of Institutional Research

Van Wormer Hall - 400


Headshot of Raj Mehta

Raj Mehta

Vice Provost for International Affairs, Director of UC Honors

Edwards 1


Headshot of Debra Merchant

Debra Merchant

Vice President for Student Affairs

Steger Student Life Center


Headshot of Jack Miner

Jack Miner

Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

University Pavilion - 350


Headshot of Michele Ralston

Michele Ralston

Director of Communications

Van Wormer Hall - 230B


Headshot of Annette Ready

Annette Ready

Interim CIO, UCIT

University Hall - 400


Headshot of Matt Serra

Matt Serra

Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs and Academic Personnel

Van Wormer Hall - 240