Black Faculty Association

Group of winners at Celebration of Black Excellence 2019

The University of Cincinnati Black Faculty Association is a formal university organization with permanent funding and support from the Office of the President and the Office of the Provost.

The formation and work of the Black Faculty Association has helped unify, increase productivity, and enhance the morale of black faculty at UC. The group has outlined a sustainability plan for the recruitment and retention of black faculty, and aims to develop programs and build research networks for UC’s black faculty to create an environment where UC is seen as a first-choice destination for black faculty and their families.  

Executive Team


Headshot of James Mack, PhD

James Mack, PhD

Associate Dean, Professor of Chemistry, The Graduate School

Van Wormer-110A



Headshot of Karen Banskton, PhD

Karen Banskton, PhD

Instructor - Clin Volunteer, College of Nursing

Headshot of Littisha A. Bates, PhD

Littisha A. Bates, PhD

Associate Professor, Sociology

Crosley 1014


Headshot of Whitney B. Gaskins, PhD

Whitney B. Gaskins, PhD

Assistant Dean, CEAS-Incl Excellence & Comm

Baldwin 665H


Headshot of Tai Collins

Tai Collins

Assistant Professor, Human Services

Teacher-Dyer 450B