Career Advancement Committee

Composed of senior faculty and staff, the Career Advancement Committee of the Black Faculty Association serves as a resource that positions faculty to be successful in their efforts to earn Reappointment, Tenure and/or Promotion (RPT) at the University of Cincinnati. The committee works towards this mission by hosting workshops on the RPT process, assigning senior faculty mentors to junior faculty upon their arrival to the university, and offering lectures and discussions from guest speakers on best practices.

This committee additionally creates opportunities for promotion and career enhancement for university staff in the absence of formal institutional mechanisms and serves as a space where faculty and staff can forward concerns to be mentored and advised on the best course of action to resolve issues.

The Career Advancement Committee also makes it a goal to aid faculty and staff of vulnerable populations who believe that they are experiencing issues related to racism, sexism, homophobia and general matters of discrimination, and serves as a supportive voice in situations of institutional pressure.

To learn more about the Career Advancement Committee’s activities, or to inquire about how to join, please contact Earl Wright for more information.