Board Members

Headshot of George Babcock

George Babcock

Vice President and Representative to Faculty Senate, Professor Emeritus of Surgery

Headshot of Susan Bourke

Susan Bourke

Professor Emerita

Headshot of Jacqueline Collins

Jacqueline Collins

Professor Emerita of Clinical Psychiatry

Headshot of Bob Conyne

Bob Conyne

Professor Emeritus of Counseling

Headshot of Lynn Davis

Lynn Davis

Professor Emerita of Mathematics

Headshot of Daniel J. Durbin

Daniel J. Durbin

Professor Emeritus of Architectural Engineering

Headshot of Russell Durst

Russell Durst

Professor Emeritis

Headshot of Awatef Hamed

Awatef Hamed

Professor Emerita of Aerospace Engineering and Engineering Mechanics

Headshot of Howard Jackson

Howard Jackson

Professor Emeritus of Physics

Headshot of Jonathan Kamholtz

Jonathan Kamholtz

Professor Emeritus of English

Headshot of Ralph Katerberg

Ralph Katerberg

Immediate Past President, Emeriti Association

Professor Emeritus of Management

Headshot of Kathryn Lorenz

Kathryn Lorenz

Secretary, Emeriti Association

Professor Emerita of Romance Languages

Headshot of Terrence Milligan

Terrence Milligan

Professor Emeritis of Music

Headshot of Joanna Mitro

Joanna Mitro

Professor Emerita of Mathematics

Headshot of Sally Moomaw

Sally Moomaw

President, Emeriti Association

Professor Emerita of CECH-Curriculum & Instruction

Headshot of Rino Munda

Rino Munda

Professor Emeritis, College of Medicine

Headshot of Joan Murdock

Joan Murdock

Professor Emerita, College of Allied Health Sciences

Headshot of Jennier Pearce

Jennier Pearce

Professor Emerita, UC Blue Ash

Headshot of Timothy Sale

Timothy Sale

Treasurer, Emeritus and Adjunct Professor, Department of Accounting

Headshot of George Suckarieh

George Suckarieh

Professor Emeritis

Headshot of Geoff Yager

Geoff Yager

Professor Emeritus of Counseling