Public Safety

Feedback FAQ

How do I file a complaint or commendation?

Complaints or commendations can be submitted in person or by phone, email or web.

Phone: 513-556-4900

In-Person: UC Public Safety
Edwards Three
51 West Corry Blvd.
Cincinnati, OH 45221

If I file a complaint will it be confidential?

Complaints and commendations will be handled in confidence. However, in order to appropriately investigate a complaint, the complainant and/or witnesses will need to be contacted to collect pertinent information.

Can I file a complaint or commendation anonymously?

Yes. Complaints and commendations can be filed anonymously by phone, email or web. However, in order to fully investigate the matter it is essential to speak with the complainant.

Who handles citizen complaints?

All citizen complaints are thoroughly reviewed and investigated by a team of representatives from the UC Department of Public Safety including members of the leadership and internal affairs team.

How will I know if my complaint or commendation has been received?

A member of our standards and strategic development section will contact you to acknowledge receipt of your complaint or commendation and seek additional information as needed.

If I file a complaint, will it be investigated?

Yes. All complaints are investigated.

How are employees recognized if commended?

Commendations are sent to the officer's supervisor, shared with the officer being recognized as well as other officers during shift roll-calls. Additionally, a copy of the commendation is kept in the individual's personnel file.