Public Safety

Emergency Campus Closure - University Rules

3361: 10-55-01 Emergency closures: announcement

The University of Cincinnati is always officially open. During periods of severe inclement weather, public emergency, or other crisis, the Director of Public Safety or a designated cabinet officer of the University of Cincinnati may issue an announcement of campus status as appropriate to the situation on the university electronic mail system and through local mass media outlets. In general, such a campus status announcement will inform the general public, as well as University of Cincinnati students and employees, that the University of Cincinnati campus, or a specific designated portion of the campus, is closed for a specific time period. (A) Such announcements may specify that University of Cincinnati classes, with the exception of the college of medicine, are canceled until or after a specific time, or for an entire day. (B) Such announcements may specify that all events and programs, including both university events and non-university events held in university facilities, are canceled. (C) Such announcements may specify that certain university offices and facilities are closed, except for essential offices that never close under any circumstances, which are identified in rule 3361:30-16-01 of the Administrative Code.

How the University Communicates A Closing

If the university is closed due to inclement weather, the following media are used to communicate the closing:

  • If the closing is announced during the day, it will be communicated via UC’s voice-activated building alarm system.
  • An email will be sent to everyone with an active UC email account. If you forward your email, make sure that forwarded messages get through.
  • An emergency message will be posted to UC’s homepage.
  • The UC Alert page will be updated.
  • The voicemail message at UC’s main telephone number, 513-556-6000, will be changed to announce the closing.
  • A text message will be sent to everyone who has provided a cell number to the university. The University of Cincinnati offers a text messaging service to alert students, faculty and staff members about any campus closings and other emergencies. For more information or to check to make sure you are signed up for safety notifications, please review your account.
  • If you are not a UC student, faculty or staff member, you can sign up to receive opt-in emergency text messages
  • UC social media will carry closing information via Twitter (@uofcincy) and via Facebook
  • The message will be sent to most Cincinnati news media for broadcast or posting to station websites.

How the University Communicates It Is Open

If the university is open:

  • There will be no change to the homepage, no email or text message, no notice via the media, and the main telephone number will operate as usual.