Apply to a Faculty-Led Program

There's a reason why most students study abroad on faculty-led programs each year: they're easy to fit into your schedule, and give you lots of support.

Start your study abroad application

Before applying to a faculty-led study abroad program, make sure that you've considered the logistics of adding a study abroad course to your schedule.

Faculty leaders apply for the UC International scholarship on behalf of their programs. Take a look at the budget for your chosen program in our online system to see if any scholarship money has been applied to your program.

You may also be eligible for other scholarships, and in most cases, can apply your financial aid toward study abroad. Check out our resources for finding funding.

Make sure that study abroad fits your academic goals! Talk to your academic advisor to ensure that your faculty-led program works with your academic plan and outined curriculum.

If you don't have a passport, you'll need one to study abroad! Get started on your application early. If you already have a passport, make sure it is valid at least 6 months past your travel dates, and renew your passport early if it is not.

Some countries also require a visa to enter. Look up the visa requirements for your chosen country and start the process once you have confirmed participation in your program.

Complete your application

Use our online system to apply for your chosen program. Follow the instructions provided throughout the application process.

After you apply

Once you've applied to a program, wait for acceptance and confirm your commitment in our online database. You will receive an email notification once you have been accepted to a program. Check your email often to make sure you don't miss it!

After you confirm, you'll need to register for the appropriate course in Catalyst and complete some post-decision documents in our online system. You'll also need to attend a pre-departure orientation. And we recommend checking out our many resources before you go!