Non-Academic Experiences

Per the UC Student Travel Policy, UC students traveling abroad under the UC umbrella on non-academic experiences are required to register their travel with UC International.

This includes UC students receiving funding to or though UC, meeting a UC degree requirement or traveling in connection with a UC registered student organization.

This excludes NCAA or USCAA student athletics travel, which is regulated under NCAA or USCAA rules and regulations and is arranged by the UC Department of Athletics or UC Clermont Athletics.

Register Your Travel

  1. Students traveling in connection with a UC registered student organization should first contact Student Activities & Leadership Development (SALD).
  2. Contact UC International to discuss the process for registering travel with UC International.
  3. Register travel using the appropriate online form.

You can register travel with UC International online.

UC International encourages you to contact the Graduate Student Governance Association (GSGA) about possible funding.

Undergraduate students traveling abroad for research, performances or conferences can register their travel with UC International online.

University Honors Program students traveling abroad for a self-designed experience should contact their Honors advisor to start the approval process and registering their travel with UC International.

Have we not listed your situation? Reach out to our office to check if you need to register your travel.