Academic Credit Approval

Before you go abroad on a long-term program, such as an exchange or external provider program, you need to make sure that the courses you want to take will work toward your degree at UC.

Find courses abroad

Consider your degree needs.

Which courses do you still need to take in order to successfully complete your degree, minor or certificate programs at UC? If you are unsure, talk to your academic advisor.

Identify courses abroad.

Find courses at the exchange or external program that has similar content to the courses you still need to take. And plan ahead! The courses you plan to take abroad can often change after your arrival. Choose a few alternate courses, too.

Fill out the approval form

In order to receive credit for any courses taken abroad, you must fill out an academic credit approval form and have it signed by an academic advisor.

Fill in your personal information.

Select the course and term you will be abroad. You will enroll in either MLTI3000/6000 or MLTI4015/7000. The registration section describes the difference between these courses in greater detail.

Input your courses, including UC course and credit equivalents.

Work with your academic advisor to find UC course equivalents, the number of UC credits, and the type of credit you expect to receive (ex. credit for your major or minor).

Credit systems around the world vary a great deal:

  • 2 European Credits (ECTS) is 1 UC credit. For example, 6 ECTS credits is equivalent to 3 UC credits. Half credits should be rounded up.
  • 10 credits in the UK are 3 UC credits; 20 credits in the UK are 6 UC credits.
  • 12 credits in Australia are 4 UC credits; 24 credits in Australia are 8 UC credits.
  • USAC program credits are equivalent to UC credits.

Get approval from your academic advisor.

Your advisor must sign the academic credit approval form and certify that you're in good academic standing and that the coursework you have selected will count toward your degree program at UC. If you are in the Lindner College of Business, College of Arts and Sciences, or are taking language courses abroad, you have additional guidelines to follow to receive credit.

If you are taking French, Italian, or Spanish courses abroad, you will need to fill out a second Academic Credit Approval Form. That way, UC can accurately match the course abroad with the UC course equivalent.

Forms should be completed with Dr. Irene Ivantcheva-Merjanska, who can be contacted at

Before you can get an advisor's signature on the Academic Credit Approval Form, your courses must be approved in the Credit Approval Transfer System (CATS). Here are some guidelines:

  • Go to Lindner Central, and log in with your 6+2. Choose “Student Services” then “Credit Approval Transfer Service (CATS)”.
  • LCB students will use CATS for one of two purposes:
    • Search for pre-approved courses in “Approved Study Abroad Courses”.  If you find the course already approved, you can add it to your Academic Credit Approval Form.  Courses must match your program of application.
    • OR Submit for course approval. Choose “Request a New Study Abroad Course” and fill in all required information, including a syllabus, for submission. You will be notified via e-mail if the submission is approved or rejected. Please allow 2 weeks for this approval process.
  • CATS substitution requests for non-business related courses (free electives, general education, etc.) must also be submitted to the CATS system to be approved by the Academic Director of Undergraduate Programs.
  • Once all of the international courses you plan to take abroad are approved in the CATS library, submit your Academic Credit Approval Form to your Academic Adviser to sign.

Contact your advisor to go over the Study Abroad Course Approval Form from your online study abroad application. When you reach out to your advisor, include a short description, or a link to course descriptions, for the classes you would like to enroll in. This will ensure that the correct UC course is matched with the study abroad course. Your advisor will then forward the Academic Credit Approval Form to their supervisor for completion.

If you intend to take French, Italian, or Spanish language courses abroad, please refer to the instructions listed on this webpage. These courses must be evaluated separately.

You will receive an email within one business week with the completed Academic Credit Approval Form OR be alerted if additional time is needed for review and approval. Once you receive your signed and complete Academic Credit Approval From, upload it to your UC International application.

Due to the nature of course approvals and the time needed, please plan accordingly. You will need to submit the Study Abroad Academic Credit Approval Form to the Advising Office a minimum of three weeks prior to your deadline with UC International or Financial Aid. This is to ensure adequate review and approval time for the Advising Office.

Submit your form and register for courses

Submit your completed approval form(s).

Submit your completed form online as part of your UC application to study abroad. It is recommended that you complete an Academic Credit Approval Form for each major or minor you have with the corresponding advisor.

Sign up for courses.

In addition to your courses abroad, you'll need to register for a course with UC that indicates your study abroad participation.