Faculty Leaders

UC International wants to make international collaboration opportunities possible by providing faculty and staff members with the support and resources they need.

Work With Us.

Over 1,700 students study abroad every year, and 1,000 of those students participate in faculty-led programs designed by UC professors and staff.

In addition to tools and guidance in planning a faculty-led study abroad program, we provide grant opportunities to research program opportunities, train future program leaders and support students.

Contact our office for questions and assistance. UC International is committed to supporting you in any way we can!

Developing a Program

The faculty-led toolkit will guide you through the planning and development of a program, managing a program on the ground, and post-travel resources.

Our toolkit is hosted on Bearcats Landing, UC's intranet website for faculty and staff.

Grant Opportunities

UC International offers the following grants to support the development and success of faculty-led programs. As we move forward in learning to facilitate programs in a world with COVID-19, our grants will focus on re-developing past programs and training leaders to be successful within the additional health and safety precautions necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic. 

  • Faculty-Led Development Grant: Funding for faculty to research a new location or re-visit a location to establish connections within a community and organize program logistics 
  • Mentoring Grant: Funding for leaders to experience an established program.  The grant's current focus is to expand our network of leaders who have group travel experience during COVID-19. 
  • Block Scholarships Grant: Funding for student scholarships participating in a faculty-led program.  The Petition to Offer a Faculty-led Program currently serves as the application for these grants.

Health and Safety

The health and safety of our faculty and students is our top priority. UC requires all participants be covered by CISI health insurance and encourages all travelers to be informed of health and safety risks prior to travel.