Apply to a Study Abroad Program

While study abroad can be a complicated journey, it's not impossible - over 1,700 students like you go through the process every year!

Wondering where to start? We recommend attending one of our information sessions and searching our database of programs. Doing so will help you narrow down your best fit. Once you've picked a program, the process to complete your application varies by the type of program you select.

Application Process by Program Type

Faculty-led programs are our most popular study abroad option. Once you apply to a program, the process to get credit is typically as simple as signing up for a course in Catalyst, just like the others in your schedule.

If you'd like to participate in an exchange or external provider program, you'll need to work with UC International and your academic advisor to make sure you get credit for the courses you take abroad.

A variety of international opportunities are available through the office of Experience-Based Learning and Career Education. You can gain international work experience in three ways:

  1. Work Abroad (International Experience Program)
  2. International Co-op Program
  3. Design Your Own

UC students traveling abroad under the UC umbrella on non-academic experiences are required to register their travel with UC International. This includes UC students receiving funding to or though UC, meeting a UC degree requirement or traveling in connection with a UC registered student organization.