Understand Funding and Study Abroad

While every student has their own unique financial circumstances to understand and consider when participating on study abroad programs, there are some general considerations for all students. 

Using Financial Aid for Study Abroad

In most cases, you can use your existing financial aid and scholarships toward the cost of your study abroad program. With careful planning and course selection, your grants, loans, and scholarships can be applied towards the cost of study abroad. 

UC International Scholarship

As part of your study abroad application, you'll fill out the UC International scholarship questionnaire. Nearly 98% of students receive the UC International Scholarship!

Study Abroad Scholarships

There are a wide variety of study abroad scholarships available both from the University of Cincinnati and other organizations. Some are specific to the region or country you are traveling to; others are specific to certain UC colleges; and some are to increase diversity and inclusion in study abroad.


Understanding the cost of study abroad programs and working to find the right option is an important step in finding a suitable program.