Program Types

A variety of program types are available to meet the needs of UC's diverse student populations.  Think about your personal, professional and academic goals as you review the types of progams available.

Program Types Description Key Features



Faculty-led programs are designed and led by UC faculty members. These are a popular option for UC students because of their shorter duration and high level of travel support.
  • Earn UC course credit

  • Travel 1-3 weeks during spring break, winter break, and various summer terms

  • Pay a program fee, which typically includes flights, lodging, and other travel expenses

Exchange Exchange programs allow students to study at one of UC’s many international partner universities, offering an independent and immersive experience.
  • Earn transfer credit

  • Study for a semester or an academic year

  • Tuition and fees cost the same as UC in-state tuition (regardless of residency), with additional costs for travel and living expenses

External Partners External programs are coordinated by trusted organizations that UC works with to provide students with supportive learning experiences in a wide range of locations around the world.
  • Earn transfer credit

  • Study for a semester, academic year or summer

  • Costs vary by location and typically include tuition and fees, as well as an estimate of living and travel costs.

Co-op / Internship Co-op and internship programs abroad are a great way for students to develop professional experience working in a foreign country. Experience & ICP programs are housed in the Division of Experience-Based Learning & Career Education (ELCE).
  • Earn Co-op/Internship credit

  • Offered for semester or summer terms

  • Costs vary by program

External Provider Highlight: USAC

UC is a member of the University Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC), a non-profit organization originally founded by universities to provide quality, immersive study abroad experiences at an affordable price. As a member of USAC, UC students are eligible for scholarships on their programs.