Complete Your Outreach Project

If you received the UC International scholarship, we want you to give back and promote study abroad to the campus community.

In your application to study abroad, you probably picked a type of outreach project, like one of the following:

  • Presentation - make a presentation for a class or student group about study abroad
  • Volunteer - come help UC International at one of our events
  • Digital - keep a blog, make a video, or post to social media.

Giving a study abroad presentation

Talk to others about your study abroad experience by presenting during class or at a student group meeting. Before you do, reach out to our office to let us know more about your presentation plans.

Volunteering with UC International

UC International holds a variety of events to promote study abroad throughout the academic year, and we're always looking for volunteers who can speak about their study abroad experience.

Contact our office to ask about upcoming volunteering opportunities.

Tell your study abroad story digitally

If you documented your study abroad in any way, we want to know about it! Whether you kept a blog, made a video or have a cache of photos, share them with our office to fulfill your outreach requirement.