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University of Cincinnati students from all backgrounds and majors study abroad in a wide variety of countries each year. Experience the impact of study abroad through their eyes and get inspired for your next adventure.

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Global Technical Workforce course: Nine years, 11 study tours

May 11, 2023

This spring's Global Technical Workforce course in the University of Cincinnati's College of Engineering and Applied Science offered students in technical fields a chance to work virtually with a class of French students and travel to France or Ghana to build career "soft skills" that complement their technical skills.


UC Law students set course for Colombia

May 9, 2023

Students in the College of Law traveled to Bogotá, Colombia during spring break as part of a short course exploring international trade, human rights and transitional justice.

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Maya McGuire, CCM

CCM student Maya McGuire studied European languages to improve her vocal performance ability. But, she says actually putting those skills into practice abroad was life-changing.

Studying abroad gives us opportunities to see how far our art can reach people.

Maya McGuire

Ellie Kammerer, College of Arts & Sciences

As a Classics major, Ellie Kammerer had no reservations about visiting the ancient world in Greece. But through her study abroad experience, she found her path forward and a passion for travel.

It was really important to me to have the modern study abroad experience in a very ancient and rich cultural filled city.

Ellie Kammerer

Stanislav Przedlacki, CCM

CCM student Stanislav Przedlacki fully immersed himself within the French culture while on his study abroad journey. Challenging himself in the best way, he enjoyed the spontaneity of being in another country and the ease of being a student.

I learned a lot about not only where I was, not only about what I was learning, but about myself.

Stanislav Przedlacki

Aliyah Kane, College of Medicine

According to Public Health major Aliyah Kane, having a study abroad experience on your resume is helpful because it shows that you are a courageous and ambitious person. Due to her time well spent in Spain, she hopes to use her newfound knowledge in an internship abroad. 

The way my study abroad in Madrid went is really what pushed me to have another experience abroad.

Aliyah Kane

Maura Horton, Lindner College of Business

Lindner College of Business student Maura Horton got the best of both worlds during her study abroad adventure. From experience-based learning to a captivating African safari, Maura is here to let you know that yes—it's worth it. 

The experience that I got is real world and it has helped me personally get internships.

Maura Horton