Student Experiences

University of Cincinnati students from all backgrounds and majors study abroad in a wide variety of countries each year. Experience the impact of study abroad through their eyes and get inspired for your next adventure.

Claire Busch, DAAP

Claire Busch says that the support UC International gave her made it easy to go abroad. After a faculty-led program in Florence, Italy, she was ready to take the leap and sign up for the international co-op program in Germany.

It's probably the best decision I've made in the entirety of the time I've been in college.

Claire Busch

Gerald Crosby, Jr., Lindner College of Business

Gerald Crosby, Jr., a marketing student at the University of Cincinnati, felt empowered by study abroad. By talking to his advisors at the African-American Cultural Resource Center and UC International, he was able to confidently go abroad to China and Paris, France.

[Study abroad] really took away this barrier that I felt was placed on me.

Gerald Crosby, Jr.

Carlee Coulehan, College-Conservatory of Music

Carlee Coulehan enhanced her education by taking the stage abroad. Through unique faculty-led programs, even this busy CCM student was able to fit study abroad into her schedule. Read more about Carlee's experience in Germany and Poland.

I would say to people who think they're too busy, especially to people in CCM, you definitely have time.

Carlee Coulehan

Kalea Lucas, Lindner College of Business

Kalea Lucas studied abroad not once, not twice, but a record eight times during her University of Cincinnati career. She went abroad on faculty-led, exchange and co-op programs, earning credit toward her Marketing and International Business degrees every step of the way.

I think the whole point of being outside of your comfort zone is to grow. There's that saying that nothing changes if nothing changes.

Kalea Lucas

University of Cincinnati Lindner College of Business student Kalea Lucas stands in a busy street during her exchange semester in Seoul. South Korea.

Kalea Lucas stands in a busy street during her exchange semester in Seoul, South Korea.