Passports and Visas

A passport is your ticket to see the world. You may also need a visa in order to get where you want to go.

Apply for a passport

A valid passport is essential to your international travel and study abroad. If you are planning to travel abroad, its best to apply for a passport now. The routine processing time is about 6-8 weeks, although expedited options are available.

Applying for your first passport?

Already have a passport?

  • Make sure that your passport is valid at least 6 months past the end date of your program. 
  • If it isn't, you'll need to renew your passport before you go!

Getting a visa

A visa is an official stamp in your passport authorizing you to travel, work, or study in that country for a specified length of time.

Each country issues its own visas through its embassy and consulates located throughout the United States. Different countries have different visa requirements and processing times. Refer to the Department of State's website to look at requirements by country.

UC International is happy to guide you to possible resources about visas; however, applying for the necessary visa for travel is your responsibility. It is also your responsibility to know and address the requirements for your study abroad destination(s).

Sometimes applying for a visa can be a complicated process. Some UC travelers choose to have a third party assist with this process. A Briggs, one company, will give a discount if you mention UC

International student travel

As an international student, it is possible for you to study abroad (again)! However, you'll need to go through some extra steps.

In order to maintain your nonimmigrant status, you need to contact UC International Services before you travel to get a travel signature on your I-20 / DS-2019. Fill out the Request for a Travel Signature eForm on iBearcatsGlobal to set up an appointment.