Preparing for Travel

You're accepted, now what? Being an informed traveler is essential to having a safe and succesful academic experience abroad. 

Passports and visas

Travelers must have a valid passport to depart the United States. Depending on the destination and duration of the program, many travelers also need a visa to enter their destination. 

Pre-Departure Orientation

All student travelers are required to complete the online pre-departure course in Canvas. Here students are reminded of important health, safety, and practical matters for their upcoming experience.

Health and Insurance

Stay well abroad. In addition to resources about maintaining your health, all UC students participating in a University of Cincinnati-sanctioned or funded international travel program are required to purchase and maintain travel-specific health insurance while abroad. Enrollment processes vary by program.


UC students can stay safe abroad by following many of the same guidelines they do in the US. Explore resources for staying stafe abroad and review our emergency protocol.