Study Abroad

Every year, the University of Cincinnati sends over 1,700 students abroad to more than 50 countries. From one week to one year, programs are designed for students from every major and background. Make the world your classroom as you earn credit for coursework abroad. 

Why study abroad?

Study abroad is known for being a "life-changing" experience, but studies have shown there are real and tangible benefits to study abroad. In addition to personal growth, students report that study abroad positively affects their academics as well as their career prospects after graduation.  

Students are able to explore their major from an international perspective or study something they would not have had the opportunity to at home. Besides learning in the classroom, students will benefit from experiential learning opportunities as they explore their new enivonment.

Employers are looking for students with a global worldview and the ability to communicate across cultures. In a world that is becoming more globally connected every day, study abroad is a way for students to gain valuable cross-cultural experience that they can apply to many career paths.

Study abroad teaches students to be resilient. Traveling to a place with a different culture, language, food, and customs can be challenging, but students almost universally express appreciation for their personal growth as they put to test their problem-solving and communication skills.

If you’re looking to grow in some way, you will most likely experience that if you study abroad.

Kalea Lucas 8-time study abroad student

Find an advisor

The UC International Programs team is a group of international education professionals dedicated to the advancement of study abroad at UC. Our team seeks to support students throughout the study abroad journey. This includes providing information sessions, advising students on program selection, managing applications, supporting credit transfer and financial aid processes, assessing and managing risk abroad, and facilitating safe and impactful programs for our students.

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If you're thinking about studying abroad, stay in touch! Our office frequently updates interested students with program and scholarship information through social media and email.

The University may amend, modify or rescind any information, policies, guidelines, rules, procedures or regulations that relate or apply to study abroad and may incorporate new terms and conditions that apply to study abroad, at its sole discretion. Students enrolled in such programs will be expected to comply with all rules, policies, guidelines, and requirements of any jurisdiction to which they are travelling. To the extent permitted by law, any student’s failure to comply with such university and/or foreign jurisdiction’s, policies, guidelines, or requirements may result in the student not being able to complete participation in study abroad.