Study Abroad

Every year, the University of Cincinnati sends over 1,700 students abroad to more than 50 countries. From one week to one year, programs are designed for students from every major and background. Make the world your classroom and get credit for it.

The real world is out there. Get ready for it.

Study abroad is a life-changing experience, no matter which program you choose. UC International is here to help you see the world! We have resources to support you throughout your entire study abroad process, from program selection to application; from going abroad to coming back on campus.

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The value of study abroad

If you’re looking to grow in some way, you will most likely experience that if you study abroad.

Kalea Lucas 8-time study abroad student

Many students ask us the same question: how much does study abroad cost? The answer is as unique as your program. There are some options that cost less than a semester at UC! Our advice is to do your research, select the right study abroad program for your budget, utilize your financial aid and apply for scholarships.

But no matter who you are, the value of studying abroad is undeniable. Students who go abroad during college stand out to employers because they learn skills like cultural competency, problem solving and confidence. And, unlike a vacation, study abroad puts real-world experience on your resume.