Using Financial Aid to Study Abroad

You can often apply your scholarships, grants and loans toward study abroad program costs. It is important to plan ahead to utilize your financial aid resources.

Understand Your Expenses

As you start planning your study abroad experience, take a look at your current expenses.

  • Track of how much you spend on tuition, housing, meals, parking, gas, bills, going out, shopping, etc. per semester so you can compare to your study abroad experience.
  • Take a look at your current financial aid allowance and scholarships.
  • Compare program costs and follow our budget tips when selecting a program.

Academic Planning

To use financial aid for a study abroad experience, it is important that the classes you take abroad apply to your academic degree program. As part of the academic planning process, the financial aid office will ensure your proposed coursework meets your remaining degree requirements.

Work with your study abroad advisor, academic advisor and financial aid advisor to ensure that your financial aid package will apply to the program you select.

Complete Financial Aid Paperwork

To use financial aid for an exchange program, external provider program or hybrid faculty-led program, you must complete a financial aid contractual agreement form. As a part of your application you will be prompted to complete this form. This form has several sections:

  1. General information: Your contact information and program details.
  2. Academic coursework: The courses you plan to take abroad, course equivalencies and total number of credits, signed by your academic advisor. It's best to attach your Academic Credit Approval form rather than complete this section separately.
  3. Host Institution: If you are participating on an exchange program, UC International will complete this section. Otherwise, this is completed by your program provider or external institution and they verify your travel dates, budget and part- or full-time student status.
  4. Home Institution: Completed by Financial Aid after the complete agreement is submitted to UC International and/or uploaded online. You must attached an acceptance letter and budget / cost sheet / invoice to your agreement.