Your Retirement Income...Your Way!

Without a doubt, optimizing retirement income involves making complex decisions on the “best” use of Social Security, Medicare, and investments as well as minimizing taxes. What’s best and what’s right are personal choices. Choices have consequences.

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Your Retirement Income...Your Way!

Two Saturday mornings, June 10 & June 17, 10:00AM to 12:00PM | $150 per individual, $200 per couple / Two Classes

Instructors: David McCarley and Tom Ritter

Location: Victory Parkway Campus

We will be shedding light on many of the most popular and prudent approaches for generating retirement income AND identifying the strategies that are right for you. Attendees will be provided access to a professionally developed online analysis (at no additional cost). This confidential profile is called a Retirement Income Style Awareness® and produces a clear set of results, that is product agnostic, defining what matters most to you. Please click here for an explanation of this cutting-edge tool. Knowing your personal retirement income style can lead to greater enjoyment in your golden years.

About Your Instructors

Phronesis Planning retirement income efficiency
Headshot of David McCarley, CFP®

David McCarley, CFP®

Licensed for insurance/investments since 1974 and a Certified Financial Planner® since 1999. Currently living a “planned retirement lifestyle”. He “Walks the Talk”. David McCarley is a retired advisor; he does not accept new clients.

Headshot of Thomas J. Ritter, Sr., CSCP®

Thomas J. Ritter, Sr., CSCP®

Financial professional for 35+ years, with most of those years as an advisor to advisors, including regulatory compliance for investment adviser firms. Tom has no retail clients.

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