Intentional Journaling: Create Your Ideal Life

Learn to use journaling to cultivate positivity and to experience more abundance in your life.

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Tues., March 7-21, 6-8 pm / $129 / Three Classes

Journal included in class fee ($45 value).

Instructor: Julie Barlow

In-person at VPC Campus

This course explores the many facets of journaling and how you can use a journaling practice as a way to help you lead a more intentional and authentic life. This valuable course is perfect for new and experienced journalers. In addition to highlighting a variety of methods, we’ll talk about how you can use your journal to cultivate positivity and an abundance mindset. We’ll also discuss the value of habit trackers and the science behind making and breaking habits. Mindfulness and reflection are also powerful tools for creating changes you may desire in your life. We’ll talk about different ways you can utilize these practices as well using your journal as a guide. Finally we’ll get creative and have fun crafting vision boards while we discuss the power of visualization and tips on how to create forward momentum toward your goals and dreams by visualizing your future.

Headshot of Julie Barlow

Julie Barlow

Julie is the founder of JMB Living and co-founder of Travel to Transform International Yoga Alliance. She has trained in multiple personal consciousness courses; practicing yoga, meditation, and mindfulness for over 20 years.