Organize, Minimize & Declutter Your Home

Get rid of all that "stuff" and learn how simplifying your home can enhance all aspects of your life.

boxes will sorted household items


Tue., Oct. 11-18, 6:30-8 pm / $49 / Two Classes    

Instructor: Alandis Johnson

In-person at VPC Campus

Simplify your home. Simplify your life! Learn how to evaluate and make decisions to minimize, declutter, and organize your space with local expert Alandis Johnson, Ph.D. By the end of the course, you will have new skills and insight to reclaim your intentionality regarding all that “stuff” that overwhelms the typical person. You will look at your possessions in a new way, keeping and using only the ones that better enhance and nurture your life.

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Alandis Johnson

Alandis Johnson

Alandis's journey into minimalism began in graduate school when she moved around many times and had to question the value and utility of the things in her life. She has seen first-hand how simplifying your life can enhance all aspects of your life.