Play Violin by Ear

Students will be exposed to some of the traditional playing of the Violin and have a good time learning new tunes.

man playing fiddle

Ear Training for Violinists 

Tue., Jan. 10-Feb. 14, 6:30-7 pm / $69 / Six Classes

Instructor: Susan Gilligan

In-person at VPC Campus

Violinists is traditionally learned and played by ear. In traditional music, the notes on the page are often approximations. In this class, you will learn to “hear” the tunes. We will start with simple melodies that you already know and progress to some simple traditional tunes without using sheet music. 

Bring your Violin and bow to class. The instructor can advise you on where you can rent or repair a fiddle. Please us know if you need this information by emailing:

About Your Instructor

Headshot of Susan Gilligan

Susan Gilligan

Fiddle Instructor

Susan Gilligan has been a musician all of her life performing in community orchestras. She has been teaching fiddling for over forty years. In addition to fiddle and violin, Susan had taught languages and biology as a TA at Univ. of Kentucky.

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