Learning to Play Chess: Level 1

Learn the fundamentals of chess and master the game!

classroom with instructor and students

Learning to Play Chess: Level 1

Tue., Feb. 21-March 28, 6:30-7:30 pm / $150 / Six Classes

Instructor: Bryan Fleischman

In-person at VPC Campus

Learn to play chess. In chess one we will focus on fundamentals starting with how pieces move, the rules of the game, and winning a chess game. There will also be an introduction to chess principles to showcase beginner strategy and planning. Through lessons and in-class practice/play you can learn the game of chess!

Supplies: Chess boards are provided or you may bring you own.

Headshot of Bryan Fleischman

Bryan Fleischman

Chess Instructor

Bryan Fleischman has been teaching chess in Cincinnati for over 5 years. Bryan is U1250 City Champion and a U1800 state champion. Currently he is pursuing his National Master title.