The Bourbon King -- George Remus, Jazz Age Legend

The Bourbon King by award-winning cultural historian Bob Batchelor brings to life the rise and fall of the man who cracked Prohibition to become one of the world’s richest criminal masterminds—and helped inspire The Great Gatsby.

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The Bourbon King -- George Remus, Jazz Age Legend
Thurs., April 13, doors open at 6:30

Prices range from $25-53 (depending on selection) Open Bar

Instructor: Bob Batchelor
Offsite at Newport Syndicate

Come for a special night with a book talk and signing from Bob Batchelor and his Cincinnati true story of Bourbon King George Remus biography. Other guest speakers to attend. 

Love, murder, political intrigue, mountains of cash, and rivers of bourbon…The tale of George Remus is a grand spectacle and a lens into the dark heart of Prohibition. Yes, Congress gave teeth to Prohibition in October, 1919, but the law didn’t stop George Remus from amassing a fortune that would be worth billions of dollars today. As one Jazz Age journalist put it, “Remus was to bootlegging what Rockefeller was to oil.” That is, before he came crashing down in one of the most sensational murder cases in American history: a cheating wife, the G-man who seduced her and put Remus in jail, and the plunder of a Bourbon Empire. Remus murdered his wife in cold-blood and then shocked a nation winning his freedom based on a condition he invented—temporary maniacal insanity.

Headshot of Bob Batchelor

Bob Batchelor

Batchelor’s books have been translated into a dozen languages. His work has appeared or been featured in the New York Times, Cincinnati Enquirer and more. Batchelor earned a doctorate in American Literature from the University of South Florida.

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