Hiring International Workers

Over 1,000 international scholars and 4,000 international students call the University of Cincinnati home.

UC International helps departments understand the policies and procedures of hiring international scholars and students.

University policy requires that departments process all immigration applications and petitions through UC International. A unit may not relinquish UC control of visa sponsorship to an outside attorney.

All international students and employees must have a record created in UC International's iBearcatsGlobal database.

International Employees

Departments can hire international employees under a variety of visa statuses. Hiring information for comon visa statuses is available on UC International's Bearcats Landing website (requires login).

If we do not have specific information about a potential employee's visa status, email our office for further guidance.

H-1B status is used to hire international workers for a specialty occupation. The position must require a bachelor's degree and specialized knowledge in order to qualify for an H-1B visa.

The J-1 visa is an exchange visitor program which provides opportunities for students, professors, scholars, specialists and interns to work or otherwise gain exposure to American knowledge.

The E-3 visa allows citizens of Australia to work in the United States in specialty occupations.

O-1 status is available to people of extraordinary ability in their field.

TN status is an opportunity for Canadian and Mexican individuals to work in the United States temporarily.

UC International provides immigrant visa assistance to employees who file permanent residency petitions based upon their employment at the University of Cincinnati.

International Student Workers

International students can work for the University of Cincinnati under certain circumstances, like on-campus jobs, graduate assistantships and more.