Cost and Finances

The University of Cincinnati is an affordable public university in a city with a low cost of living. And with a commitment to experience-based learning, you will get a return on your educational investment.

Estimated Expenses by Program

The following is a breakdown of expenses for all levels of study, including tuition, fees, and living expenses. Living expenses are calculated for a 12-month calendar year. These numbers do not reflect indirect costs, like travel to and from your home country, buying a car, etc. Plan your budget accordingly.

You will be expected to document that you can fund these estimated expenses in order to request an I-20 form. They are subject to change and are not a precise breakdown of the costs for every single program offered at UC. Some programs have higher costs than others. More specific tuition and fees can be found on the Office of the Bursar's Tuition and Fees page.

Cost of undergraduate programs by college, broken down by expenses.
Expenses by college in current academic year  Main Campus UC Blue Ash College UC Clermont College Pathway Program    
Tuition and fees $30,010 $15,938 $14,026 $30,010  
Living expenses $17,999 $17,999 $17,999 $17,999  
Health insurance $2,449 $2,449 $2,449 $2,449  
Total $50,458 $36,386 $34,474 $50,458
Cost of graduate programs, broken down by expense types.
Expenses by program in current academic year Most programs Master of Architecture and MS Architecture All Master of Business Premium Programs
Tuition and other fees $28,144 $33,970 $32,892
Living expenses $22,984 $22,984 $22,984
Health insurance $2,449 $2,449 $2,449
Total $53,577 $59,403 $58,325
Cost of programs (except MD) in the College of Medicine, broken down by expense types.
Expenses in the current academis year Most Programs MS Physiology MS Pharmacology
Tuition and other fees $28,144 $39,075 $27,322
Living expenses $22,984 $22,984 $22,984
Health insurance $2,449 $2,449 $2,449
Total $53,577 $64,508 $52,755
Costs of professional programs.
Expenses in the current academic year College of Law (JD and LLM) Medicine (MD) PharmD
Tuition and fees $29,810 $53,204 $37,846
Living expenses $22,984 $22,984 $22,984
Health insurance $2,449 $2,449 $2,449
Total $55,243 $78,637 $63,279
Costs of visiting student programs by level of study and length of time.
Expenses in current academic year Undergraduate - One Semester Undergraduate - Two Semesters Postgraduate - One Semester Postgraduate - Two Semesters
Tuition and other fees $15,005 $30,010 $14,072 $28,144
Living expenses $7,922 $15,844 $7,922 $15,844
Health insurance $1,225 $2,449 $1,225 $2,449
Total $24,152 $48,303 $23,219 $46,437


Students who wish to bring a dependent spouse and/or child(ren) with them must demonstrate additional levels of support. You must be able to provide for your own estimated expenses, plus an additional $6,000 per year of study for a spouse and $3,000 per year of study for each child.

Explanation of Costs and Fees

On your student bill, you will see tuition and a number of other costs and fees. The financial aid website has more details on fees you might see on your bill.

Scholarships, Loans and Financial Aid

International students are not eligible for federal aid programs like FAFSA. However, there are a variety of funding options that you may be eligible for as an international student.

UC Scholarships

External Scholarships

Take a look at our online scholarship listing for a description of some opportunities available to international students.

You can also use one of the online databases below to search for more scholarships:

Both provide a searchable database of financial aid, college scholarships, student loans, and grant information for international students.


Loans are typically very difficult for international students to receive in the US. Very few lenders offer student loans to international students, and if they do, they often require that a US citizen co-signs the loan with you.

The Financial Aid Office has a resource for UC students that allows you to populate a list of possible loan vendors.

Paying Your Bill

The University of Cincinnati has partnered with Flywire to offer a streamlined way to make a payment from your home country.