Life at UC

Are you ready for your new life at the University of Cincinnati? Make the most of your college experience!

Whether it's your finances or your food, your housing or your health, your safety or your study habits, we can answer your questions and connect you with people and resources to help you along the way.

Outside of the necessities, we hope you'll get to know us and other support staff around campus. Meet the other students at UC who would love to introduce you to your new home. We think those things are essential for your happy and successful life here, too.

Getting Started at UC

Before you even step foot on campus, you will need a number of resources to help you navigate the application process, visas and student systems access.

  • UC ID number / Usernames + Passwords - Your personal identification at the university, which helps you access resources like Canopy, Catalyst and student email.
  • Bearcat Card - Your student ID card, which can also have money to pay for items around campus.
  • OneStop Student Services - An office that can answer questions about your bill, your student record, and your course registration.
  • iBearcatsGlobal - UC International's database that helps students make requests, check in at UC  and maintain their visa status.
  • International Admissions - An office that can offer assistance with undergraduate student admissions.
  • Graduate College - An office that can offer assistance with graduate student admissions, resources and professional development.

UC International

UC International can connect you to all the assistance you need for your life at UC, whether you're setting up your bank account and choosing housing, getting used to American academics, finding your way around your new hometown or looking for new friends.

We want you to succeed at UC, so please don't hesitate to contact us if you need more help.